Friday, June 30, 2017

Perfect Day Trip in Ipoh (怡保) and Pulau Pangkor (邦咯岛) [Part 2]

As resumed from the previous [part 1], the journey continued further down the mystical island, where there was plenty of sunshines and breezes that day. Indeed it was a great day to visit Pulau Pangkor. It had been quite some time since we visited any beaches. As the car drove by a beautiful beach area, we parked by the roadside where ample parking spots were provided. Only then, we noticed by the beach, there lied a beautiful temple called Lin Je Kong Temple (灵慈宫).

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Perfect Day Trip in Ipoh (怡保) and Pulau Pangkor (邦咯岛) [Part 1]

Ever since leaving university life, working life for everyone most probably has been overwhelming, with so much to do and with so little time. But, what if, time can be well-managed in a way you can't think of! In fact following my plan, not only you can enjoy both Ipoh ((怡保) and also a nearby famous island, Pulau Pangkor (邦咯岛). Below is the itinerary for a day with besties:

Friday, June 23, 2017

Ben's @ Bangsar Shopping Complex

Bangsar Shopping Complex (BSC) has been a well-known posh mall in Kuala Lumpur area. Because I used to work in this area, I am kinda familiar with this place. Anyhow, Ben's was opened about 3 - 4 years ago in BSC, and I would say the decoration of the restaurant was superb, classy and out of the kind!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How to be a winner tip#2: GSC Movie Vouchers

#2: Be followers on official companies/ brands in apps like instagram, facebook, Line, Wechat and others

As I was very pre-occupied with my study and laboratory work last time, I still could make time to join a few contests. In this particular win, it was an e-voucher for GSC movie, which was from a lucky draw in facebook apps. Hahaha, I was happy enough to use to watch Wonder Woman, the hottest summer movie of 2017 (you can indeed check my review here too). Indeed, it saved about RM 19 for a movie. Seriously, nowadays, never thought that movie watching can be that expensive!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Traditional Porridge, by Hung Wang (汉元) @ Ipoh

Ipoh, as a world renowned foodie heaven, is often publicized for its delicious beansprout chicken noodles, salted chicken, chicken floss noodles, Cantonese dim sum, seafood, taufu fah and many more. But, to native Ipohrians, Ipoh Boy (me), there are so many other good food apart from the mentioned ones. A very local-known foodie, the traditional Teochew porridge in Ipoh, Hung Wang or 汉元 Restaurant,  has been overlooked by some locals and other foreigners.....

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Manis - Earn Points from Your Used Receipt/Bill

(reference code) (reference code)

Since last year, I came across the Manis apps, which could be used to earn points from the used receipt/ bill. As can be seen, the Manis apps developer gives clear instruction on how to snap the pictures of your receipts. However, early this year, they changed the rule of 24 hour time frame to within the same day (before midnight) ........ This was totally inconvenient to me (and to other users too)......After a busy day, I usually take a bath and sleep. This rule is a big NONO to me. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Chinese New Year Celebration @ Gao Ren Guan (高人馆) Jaya One

Okie, I know I know, Chinese New Year celebration, was super long ago. Backlogging syndrome has been quite serious nowadays because I was so busy with my studies last time. Now, I have a bit of myself time and start to update more. There are just so many stories pending, but I am taking my own sweet time! This time around, CNY, my coursemate and I went a Chinese Restaurant, Gao Ren Guan (高人馆), at Jaya One.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wonder Woman 2017: The Rise and The Fall

Ever since Wonder Woman (WW) played by Gal Gadot (GG) first appeared in the DC's Batman versus Superman (which was awful), she instantly stole the spotlight with a mere less than 10 mins of screen time. You could feel her strong presence. Of course, that was basically the spark for her own fiery Wonder Woman Movie 2017. I went to watch the greatly-rated movie in 2017 and here was my thought......<disclaimer: All images were obtained from online source, please contact me via email>

Thursday, June 8, 2017

KhunThai 坤泰 Thai Restaurant @ Gasing

Ipohboy has extended his foodie region, into Petaling Jaya Area. This round, Ipohboy became round at pretty nice Thai Food Restaurant, Khunthai @ Gasing. 

(I kept on remembering this as Ayuthai (>_<)~~~ hahahahaha, sorry ! I would also want to apologise for the quality of the images because my handphone was quite bad in capturing under low lights (>_<).

Monday, June 5, 2017

Monte's @ Bangsar Shopping Complex

Foodie, is the life of ipoh boy, who loves food! Today, I am introducing a posh restaurant in Bangsar area, more specifically, in Bangsar Shopping Complex. 

Saturday, June 3, 2017

How to be a winner tip#1: Popular Bookstore Winner

Nowadays, the connectivity and information distribution have never been that easy. You are basically connected to the world, with internet. Of course, other channels such as media press from newspaper and magazines, still provide you great contests opportunities. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

No Hassle Day Trip @ Kuala Sepetang (十八丁), Perak

The beauty of Perak, has often been represented by Ipoh, the Hill City. The tourists flock to Ipoh for its amazing architecturally-aesthetic old town, panoramic mountain view and of course, its heavenly food and drinks. Indeed, Perak is an amazing state in Malaysia. Now, I am not going to talk about my hometown today, but a nice place nearby Ipoh - Kuala Sepetang (十八丁), formerly knowns as Port Weld. It is about 1 hour drive from Ipoh ~ A nice getaway for people who like to experience this coastal town.

Let me present a very simple day trip plan for those who are interested to just go for leisure. Our case was we had a bunch of people on the road along with a cute baby. Thus, we could not be going for over-adventurous journey. The itinerary for the day trip was as follows: